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🎥 Videographer in Trentino, Italy

Filming of family celebrations:

✔  Wedding videography – wedding video shooting with two or more cameras. Wedding videographers work professionally and harmoniously and together with the main characters of the event – the bride and bridegroom make up a single film crew to produce a feature film about the first part of the wedding day (about the preparations of the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony and the wedding walk) and a documentary, but no less beautiful film about a wedding banquet.

✔  Make a clip of Love Story – entrust your love story to the videographer, fill it with warm feelings and thanks to artistic video shooting and cinematic video editing, the resulting Love Story video clip will give you warmth and romantic mood even in the coldest winter evenings.

✔  Video filming of church holidays – order services of a videographer for a child’s Baptism or First Communion and keep the memory of this holy event for decades. Videographers during the ceremony of Baptism or First Communion will film the event with two cameras to make the video diverse and you will see general plans of the temple and close-ups with your baby in the finished film.

Services of video filming of children’s holydays:

✔  Video filming of a birthday – your baby is growing up so fast – keep the memory of the child’s annual holiday with the help of a videographer for a child’s birthday.

✔  Videographer for kindergardens – shooting videos of matinees (parties) in kindergarten carried out with two cameras, the sound is recorded by a 24-bit recorder, and the finished videos are delivered in Full HD or 4K UHD format so that every child can be seen and heard. Order the services of a videographer for a matinee: for the Autumn Festival, New Year’s Eve, Spring holiday and graduation in kindergarten.

✔  High school graduation video – graduation videographer services include video filming of the student’s ball, video filming of the graduation concert and graduation banquet. Two films will be edited from the footage – the official events of the graduation and the highlights of the graduation banquet.

Reportage video shooting:

✔  Video shooting of sport events – video shooting of sport events helps sportsmen to work on their mistakes and save good moments of a football match, volleyball match, tennis tournament, car race and other sports.

✔  Video filming of exhibitions, festivals – the team of videographers will cover the events of an exhibition or festival day dispersed in time and space, we will produce a film in chronological order or a clip based on those fragments of the event that you choose.

✔  Video filming of concerts – we will film a concert, including in rooms with insufficient light, while the sound will be recorded from master mixing board. Video recording from several cameras and broadcasting is possible.

Video shooting for business, advertising video production:

✔  Shooting and editing videos for YouTube channel – artistic video shooting for YouTube in 4K using light and sound recording equipment, video editing of the footage according to a pre-compiled script

✔  Making video description of goods – shooting and editing sales videos that help buyers view the product from favorable angles, learn about its properties and characteristics

✔  Shooting a video-CV – HR managers will give preference to those job applicants who are able to present their knowledge, skills and work experience. We will shoot and edit a video resume at a professional level.

✔  Shooting corporate videos – we will make video shooting and editing of a business presentation, seminar or training video for your employees. Video filming of corporate holidays and corporate congratulations for your clients.

📷 Photographer in Trentino, Italy

Photographing family celebrations:

  • Wedding photographer
  • Love story photography
  • Photo session of pregnant women
  • Photo shoot of anniversaries

Taking photos of children’s holydays:

  • Photo shoot of the Baptism of children, First Communion
  • Photography of Birthday parties
  • Photo shoot in kindergarten
  • Take photos of school events

Reportage photography:

  • Stills shoot of concerts and festivals
  • Photographing sporting events
  • Photographic service for presentations and exhibitions

Photo shooting of advertising and products:

  • Take and edit photos for websites
  • Advertising photo shoot
  • Photo shoots for catalogs and shops
  • Real estate photography: interior and exterior

🎬 Video editor in Italy

✔  Editing videos you’ve made. Making video-collages of your photos. If you have a videos or photos you want to turn into a movie or videoclip, we will do it for you with high quality and style. If you’ve had an interesting travel and brought back videos and photos from this trip, these files will look much better in the form of a single videoclip or movie.

✔  Or maybe you want to surprise a friend on his (her) birthday and have collected greeting videos from friends all over the world – it’s best to organize this in the form of a single clip or movie.

✔  If you are a videographer (camera man) and do not have time to complete your orders by the deadline, please contact us for assistance and we will have time to deliver your project on time.